MMF regulations are designed to ensure safety and fair play across four-wheel motor sport in Malta. These regulations are form part of what ultimately is referred to as the Yearbook.

All regulations proposed by the Sporting Commissions, & Officials Commissions come before the MMF Admin review and enactment.

Regulation changes can be implemented without consultation in matters of urgent safety or for clarification purposes, or following recommendations to the MMF Administration from the Sporting or Officials Commission.

As per the FIA International Sporting code, and in line with the MMF affiliation with the FIA, where a location regulation does not exist, the FIA Sporting Code and Appendices shall apply.


Public Liability Insurance Summary 2023

MMF-FIA Appendix V – Officials

Drifting Regulations 2023

HillClimb Regulations

Karting Regulations 2023


Karting Regulations 2022


No regulations are currently undergoing consultation


2018 National regulations
Categorization of Events 2018
Process for an event 2018
Minimum Venue Safety Regulations Hillclimb 2018


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