Motorsport scrutineers, often overlooked yet essential, embody the essence of racing integrity. They stand as the guardians of fair play and safety, ensuring that every vehicle meets stringent standards. With meticulous inspections and technical expertise, scrutineers uphold the integrity of the sport, ensuring fair competition and the safety of all involved

Join the Malta Motorsport Federation as a Scrutineer!

Are you detail-oriented with a passion for motorsport? Join the Malta Motorsport Federation (MMF) as a Scrutineer and play a crucial role in ensuring the fairness and safety of motorsport competitions across Malta.

What Our Scrutineers Do:

  • Technical Inspections: Scrutineers examine vehicles to ensure they meet safety standards and comply with regulations before races, ensuring fair competition and participant safety.
  • Rule Enforcement: With a keen eye for detail, Scrutineers enforce technical regulations to maintain a level playing field among competitors.
  • Documentation Management: Scrutineers maintain accurate records of vehicle inspections and compliance, providing essential documentation for event organizers and participants.
  • Communication: Collaborating closely with race officials, Scrutineers communicate findings and ensure any technical issues are addressed promptly and fairly.
  • Continuous Learning: Scrutineers stay updated on the latest technical developments and rule changes in motorsport, enhancing their skills and knowledge to better serve the motorsport community.

Ready to become a vital part of motorsport integrity in Malta? Send us an email at to express your interest in becoming a Scrutineer with MMF. Join us and contribute to the excitement and fairness of motorsport in Malta!