In 2006, the government decided to back the efforts of a number of enthusiasts to establish a federation. A meeting was called by Kunsill Malti ghall-iSport for all interested parties. A committee of thirteen members was established and tasked with the drafting of a statute. On the 1st of June 2007, the Malta Motorsport Federation (MMF) was formed. The founding members of the Federation were:

  • Mr. Brain St John – AROC;
  • Mr. George Abdilla – AWDC;
  • Mr. Frans Deguara, Mr Johann Pace and Mr. Frans Azzopardi –  ASM;
  • Mr. Peter Borg – ICC;
  • Mr. Joseph Laus, Mr. Adrian Spiteri and Mr. Sylvester Mifsud – IKC;
  • Mr. Joe Anastasi – IRMCC;
  • Mr. Alex Borg – MMC;
  • Mr. Willian Sant – MMRC;
  • Mr. Mario Mifsud.

The first Interim Committee was set up to handle the general affairs of the Federation until the first General Meeting. The seven members of the Interim Committee were:

  • Mr Joe Anastasi – Chairman  (IRMCC);
  • Mr George Abdilla – Secretary (AWDC);
  • Mr Mario Mifsud – Public Relations;
  • Mr Robert Zammit – Treasurer;
  • Mr Brain St John – Member (AROC);
  • Mr Frans Deguara – Member (ASM);
  • Mr Alex Borg – Member (MMC);
  • Mr Willian Sant – MMRC;
  • Mr Joseph Laus – IKC.

Within a month, seven clubs and an association were affiliated with MMF:

  • All Wheel Drive Club Malta – AWDC;
  • Alfa Romeo Owners Club – AROC;
  • Assocjazjoni Sport Muturi – ASM;
  • Island Karting Club – IKC;
  • Island Radio Model Car Club – IRMCC;
  • Malta Motorcycle Club – MMC;
  • Minimoto Racing Club Malta – MRCM.

The first Annual General Meeting was held on the 11th September 2007, during which the members approved the statute and the committee. The first task of the committee was to seek national and international recognition. To fulfil its aim, the Malta Motorsport Federation sought to forge strong relationships with the Maltese authorities, including the Ministry for Sport, the Finance Ministry, and Transport Malta.

Subsequently, the MMF was registered with Kunsill Malti ghall-iSport, the latter being the government’s national authority for sport activities in Malta. On the international front, the MMF sought and obtained full membership with the FIA, thus becoming the authoritative body for motorsport in Malta, what is known as ASN.

In October 2008, Mr. Tonio Cini was elected as Chairman of the Federation. Following initial meetings held by the FIA with its member ASNs, it was noted that the head of the ASN holds the role of President. It was subsequently decided to refer to the head of the MMF as President of the Federation.

In 2009, the Malta Motorsport Federation was registered as an NGO with the Commissioner of the Voluntary Organisations.