Motorsports marshals are the unsung heroes of racing events, embodying the adage “no marshal no motorsports.” They are the backbone of safety and efficiency on the track, tasked with a diverse array of responsibilities essential to the smooth operation of races. Marshals work tirelessly to ensure the safety of drivers and spectators alike.

Join the Malta Motorsport Federation Marshaling Team!

Are you passionate about motorsport and eager to be at the heart of the action? Become a marshal with the Malta Motorsport Federation (MMF) and play a vital role in ensuring the success and safety of motorsport events across Malta.

What Our Marshals Do:

  • Safety Guardians: Marshals are the frontline defenders of safety on the track, swiftly responding to incidents and ensuring the well-being of drivers and spectators.
  • Communication Experts: As the eyes and ears of the race director, marshals communicate crucial information to drivers and officials using flag signals and radio systems.
  • Track Management: From debris removal to vehicle recovery, marshals keep the track clear and ensure seamless racing conditions.
  • Crowd Control: Marshals help maintain order among spectators, ensuring everyone enjoys the event safely.
  • Support Team: Marshals assist with various tasks, including administrative duties and hospitality services, to ensure events run smoothly behind the scenes.

Ready to join the MMF marshaling team? Send us an email at to express your interest and start your journey into the exciting world of motorsport marshaling! Join us and be a part of shaping the future of motorsport in Malta.