MMF Mission Statement

MMF firmly believes in the integration of Safety, Health and Environmental aspects with all motorsport activities within the Maltese Islands.

MMF Environmental Policy

Environmental protection isn’t merely a factor to improve the quality of life but can potentially impact negatively on our sport with the community if not correctly addressed. MMF promotes the following environmental principles:

  • MMF comply with all environment legislation.
  • MMF are constantly monitoring motorsport related activities that risk having significant adverse impacts on biodiversity cultural and/or heritage assets or values to ensure that they have as small an impact on the environment as possible.
  • The efficient use of natural resources, minimisation of waste and energy is self-evident for MMF.
  • All MMF licenced officials and drivers are obliged to conduct themselves in a manner compatible with the environment and bear responsibility for doing so.
  • All MMF affiliated entities and their respective members are encouraged to actively minimise their environmental impact by recycling waste, disposing of used tyres appropriately, using recycled materials and using electronic communications wherever possible.
  • MMF openly and actively seek to communicate with all authorities and parties interested in motor sport related activities to improve its environmental performance

MMF would like to demonstrate that it is possible for any motorsport voluntary organisation to engage and promote environmental protection and by doing so, leads to successes that improve our sport perception with the public in the long term.