The Clerk of the Course has overall responsibility for the general conduct and control of an
event in accordance with the Regulations, Programme and Organising Permit. As such, they act
as the sport’s first judicial body, having the power to impose penalties in accordance with the


Clerks of the Course must be well versed in the organisation and running of motorsport Events,
so it is incredibly important that you build up your experience over a number of years, accepting
advice and guidance from those already in the role.

As a Senior Official, applicants must be at least 18 years old and will need to submit a motorsport
CV with their application so that their prior experience in the sport can be considered.
The initial application must be supported by an MMF enrolled Club which runs the type of
events that the application is for.


The training for an MMF Clerk of the Course is conducted via a modular development
programme, during which time they are classed as an Assistant Clerk. The training programme
consists of two types of modules – a theory-based module which can be carried out by the MMF and several practical modules which will be completed whilst on event.

Once the modular training programme has been completed, they will undergo and pass an
assessment of knowledge before being upgraded to the position of Deputy Clerk. This means that
they can act on behalf of the Clerk of the Course, however they cannot yet take full responsibility
for the running of an event.

Once an in-role assessment has been satisfactorily completed, the applicant will be upgraded
from a Deputy Clerk to a National Clerk. This means that they can act as Clerk of the Course for
events running at National level, or below, in their chosen discipline.
Having held the National grade for at least 3 years, a Clerk of the Course may, if there is an
identified need for such a position, apply for upgrade to International level. Again, the upgrading
criteria in the Yearbook must be met before an assessment will be granted.
Clerks of the Course are required to attend 2 out of 3 biennial Licensed Officials’ Seminars, and
have been active in their role, in order to retain their grade.

Complete the application form in the MMF Officials page and return it to the
MMF, along with a copy of your motorsport CV.