In motorsport, Stewards are the guardians of integrity and safety. With careful inspection, they ensure fair play and uphold stringent standards for every vehicle. Their vigilance ensures that competition is fair and all participants are safe.

Join the Malta Motorsport Federation as a Steward!

Are you passionate about motorsport and committed to upholding fairness and integrity? Join the Malta Motorsport Federation (MMF) as a Steward and play a vital role in ensuring the smooth and fair conduct of motorsport events.

What Our Stewards Do:

  • Race Oversight: Stewards oversee the conduct of races, ensuring that all participants adhere to regulations and compete fairly.
  • Regulation Enforcement: As the judicial body of motorsport events, Stewards have the authority to enforce regulations, and impose penalties as necessary to maintain fairness and uphold the integrity of the sport.
  • Conflict Resolution: Stewards mediate disputes and resolve conflicts that may arise during races, ensuring that decisions are made impartially and in accordance with regulations.
  • Safety: Stewards prioritise safety on the track, working closely with race officials and safety personnel to address any safety concerns and ensure a secure racing environment for all participants.
  • Communication: Stewards serve as a communication link between race officials, teams, and regulatory bodies, providing clear and timely information on race proceedings, incidents, and decisions.
  • After Race Write-Ups: The stewards will write a final report shortly after the event ends. This report will contain the outcomes of each competition, details of any protests filed, disqualifications made, and their suggestions regarding decisions for possible suspensions or exclusions.

Ready to play a crucial role in promoting fairness and sportsmanship in motorsport? Send us an email at to express your interest in becoming a Steward with MMF. Join us and contribute to the success of motorsport events in Malta while upholding the highest standards of integrity!