MMF ACI/CSAI bilateral agreement

The Malta Motorsport Federation would like to advise all Maltese motorsport drivers that following the bilateral agreement signed between MMF and ACI/CSAI on Sunday 30th January 2011, all Maltese and Italian racing drivers may participate in Maltese and Italian races.  The MMF ACI/CSAI agreement can be viewed from the following link:

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MMF ACI/CSAI Agreement

In order to participate in a race, one must be in possession of the relevant license issued by the respective federations (ASNs).

According to the international sporting rules and regulations, sport licensed drivers (i.e. those holding a racing license issued by the respective Federation) may not take part in not authorized or illegal or clandestine races or competitions of whatever nature or race in circuits not approved or not homologated by the respective Federation.

Any licensed driver, who disregards this advice and participates in such an activity, knowingly or unknowingly, will have his/her license suspended and/or revoked.  In order to re-activate such license, license holder will first have to pay €600 as penalty and if such violation had to re occur, the license would be revoked for 2 years.

It is in your interest and safety to check properly beforehand with a competent authority or Federation in order to avoid any misunderstanding – one should also note that any activity which is not authorized by the respective Federations may also result in you not being covered by an adequate insurance at the circuit and/or racing event.