Election Manifesto undertakes to find a site for the development of Motorsport Track

The Malta Motorsport Federation (MMF) refers to the interview given by Hon. Chris Agius, Parliamentary Secretary for Research, Innovation and Sport to One News on Sunday 16 April 2017, and points out that Hon. Agius was incorrect when saying that the PL election manifesto, states that: the Government will embark on a study with stakeholders to develop a motor sport racetrack, and that he thus feels that the government has given more than was promised in the election manifesto.

Although the MMF appreciates the valuable work carried out by the Secretariat over the last four years, the MMF is quite surprised that Hon. Agius did not quote the exact text that was written in the election manifesto of the Labour Party, which was also approved at the Party’s general meeting on 6 February 2013, and voted for by the Maltese people, that is : “ to find a suitable site for the development of a motor sport track “ as is listed on page 134 point 18, and not as Hon. Chris Agius indicated when he said: “ to carry out a study “ during the interview on Sunday. This interview was also not in conformity with what the Hon Prime Minister said during the last session of ‘Gvern li Jisma’ held on 23 March 2017, in Gozo. During this meeting Hon Prime Minister said that: “ the government is committed to identify land for the development of a motor sport track in conformity with the election promise”.

The Federation also highlights that in a letter sent to the Hon. Prime Minister on the 22nd March 2017, and also during a press conference held at Castile Valletta on the 8th April 2017, it was emphasised that the site for the development of the motor sport track should be identified without further delay in accordance with the electoral manifesto, in order for the process of the Request for Proposal RFP to continue. The Federation also points out that Hon Agius had publicly stated since 21st September 2016, that the process of RFP will soon continue, as the identification of the site was in the final stages, however 7 months have elapsed and such site has not been made public. This is of great dismay to all enthusiasts, including the five investors who have expressed their interest to invest in the development of this Educational facility.

The MMF President Tonio Cini remarked again that the Federation together with its members stress the importance of the development of this project, the investment in which is estimated to be close to €80 million and once again asks the Hon. Prime Minister together with Hon. Chris Agius to take the necessary decisions so that the process of the Request for Proposal (RFP) will continue.

The Malta Motorsport Federation once again requests an urgent meeting with the Prime Minister, in order to discuss ways forward so that the electoral promise will be fulfilled to the benefit of the nation. This facility is a long waited promise of over 50 years!