The Malta Motorsport Federation (MMF) is disappointed to the fact that the Church Environment Commission is suggesting to the government to allay the car racetrack project in Ta ‘Qali, instead planting more trees.

The Federation agrees with what the commission suggests to other areas such as in the case of Comino, and the planting of trees to be included in the construction of roads being rebuilt, and to this the federation adds that there must be adequate safety between trees and roads due other fact that the same trees pose a danger to drivers and passengers especially of motorcycles.

The commission said, the site was chosen because it brought most points when compared to other sites. The federation and the two main political parties agree that a race track is needed and necessary within our country both for sport and as a facility that can be used by instructors of new drivers as well as drivers of blue light vehicles such as police cars, ambulances, and firefighting vehicles.

The federation cannot understand how the commission came to conclusion that the argument that this project will have educational aspects does not justify the project when taking into consideration the number of fatalities on our roads and the fact that enthusiasts deserve the facilities to get the necessary training.

Although all previous governments never made serious investments in motorsport it is one of the most popular sports and definitely the sport that got most successes to our country. It is a sport that can continue to grow and a sport in which the Maltese athletes made names for themselves and our country. These athletes must bear the necessary facilities to train and for practicing their sport in a safe environment.

It is a disservice from the Church Environment Commission to suggest the Maltese Government to put the project aside, because there is already an agreement between the government and opposition that this project is a necessity for our country and both parties included this project in the electoral manifesto of 2013 as well as 2017. In doing this the commission put aside the interests of thousands of enthusiasts and motorcyclists and their families when the first and foremost aim of the Church Environment Commission should be to contribute to creating a fair society amongst all citizens in this case, including motorsport enthusiasts and drivers requiring further training.

The Church Environment Commission should have requested a meeting with the Malta Motorsport Federation (MMF), the main promoter of this project to learn what the federation is proposing, only then it could arrive to its conclusion. The Federation is inviting the commission to this meeting to take places and without any unnecessary delays.

Oliver Attard
General Secretary
Malta Motorsport Federation