The Malta Motorsport Federation has welcomed the important milestone measure were the government has announced the allocation of 350,000 euro for the Maltese Council for Sports and Transport Malta so that together with the Malta Motorsport Federation, seek the development of an adequate circuit for training and competitions which can host the sport of Karting, Mini Motos, Quad Bikes, Motards, Scooters, as well as for the tuning of vehicles which participate in Hill climbs and Drifting.

The Federation said that this particular measure, is complimenting further what the Federation has managed to achieve during last year Budget regarding the reduction to 0% of the tax rate for the importation of motor racing vehicles. The Development of a Race Circuit in Malta was always in the top agenda of the Federation, as this would help the growth and the sustainability of the sport, thus reducing several expanses to our enthusiasts from travelling abroad to practice their sport in a proper safe environment.

This incentive is of a great satisfaction for all motorsport enthusiasts, the Federation said. Maltese motorsport is in great need of a proper race track to accommodate the diverse range of motorsport enthusiasts, and with this assistance, the mentioned disciplines will be accommodated. Once this circuit is developed, then Motorsport can also look forward to be a major contributor in the sport tourism niche market.

MMF would like to take this occasion to thank Hon. Clyde Puli and his office for their contribution in this measure.