Class wins for ASM-Malta Motocross riders in Calabria
Two of the four Motocross riders from the Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi (ASM) returned to Malta with excellent results following a difficult Beachcross competition. This race was held recently on the sandy beach of Gioia Tauro in Calabria.
ASM riders participating in Beachcross competition
The ASM Motocross team led by ASM President Frans Deguara were invited by the President of the Calabria region to compete in the third round of the FIA Italian BeachCross Championship.

The Malta team competed in the PromoSport Class for competitors over 21 years of age on 250cc bikes.

Pre-race practice was limited to a few hours training on the sandy beach on the eve of the race only. The bikes’ suspension adjustments and transmission modifications were performed during practice sessions to obtain the best results.

During the official practice sessions the ASM riders were slower on the sand ramps but were as fast on all other obstacles on the track.

In the first heat Clayton Camilleri was leading the race until in lap10 he fell from his bike and lost his position to Rachele Domenico. Paul Muscat closely followed Rachele and placed third.

Rain showers poured heavily between the first and second heats and the race was stopped for more than an hour.

Yet, the results of heat 1 raised the spirits of our riders. They performed very well and though Domenico Rachele took the lead, he was closely followed by Melvin Borg, Paul Muscat and Clayton Camilleri. Soon Domenico was closely followed by Paul and Clayton. A technical manouvre by both Paul and Clayton placed them in first and second place to the chequered flag.

Paul Muscat and Domenico Rachele won 45 points and Clayton twice finished second, totalling 44 points. Paul placed first, Domenico Rachele placed second and Clayton Camilleri obtained one point less and that put him in third place.

ASM riders participating in Beachcross competitionThe Maltese riders were awarded with certificates of Merit and Race Trophies by Dott Luigi Mamone, President of the Calabrian Association.


Present too were other FMI officials, Sig Franco Bucchieri President of the Sicily region and the Gioia Tauro Beach-race organising team.

ASM president Frans Deguara, Dott Luigi Mamone and Sig Franco Bucchieri, the President of Sicilian Association, discussed the possibility of future championship events with the participation of competitors from and in both countries.

The ASM thanked Virtu Ferries for supporting the ASM riders and back-up team to cross the Malta-Sicily channel. Hopefully, they will support the ASM Motocross in future events to be held in Malta and Sicily which are planned to take place early next year.