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Joint Statement ACI CSAI and MMF

Joint Statement by the Malta Motorsport Federation and ACI CSAI

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A joint statement by ACI CSAI and MMF with regards to the sporting licence issues for the Time Attack events.

In all competitions held in Italy, where there is a classification ranking and timekeeping, a sporting license is required and road licence are not acceptable. Moreover, no insurance policy will provide guarantees and compensation for damages particularly for all foreign racing drivers...

Free Racing Licence for Drivers competing in Racalmulto Time Attack

The Malta Motorsport Federation (MMF) notifies that further to our notice dated 15th March 2014 and due to the conflicting statements arising after this notification from the organisers of the Time Attack event being held at Racalmulto, declaring that this event is a Non Competitive practice runs activity, as per notice on the Autodrome Valle dei Templi Facebook page : "TIME ATTACK RACALMUTO", trattandosi di prove libere non agonistiche, sono da ritenersi aperte a tutti i piloti, licenziati e non”...

Racing Licence for Drivers competing in motor racing events abroad

The Malta Motorsport Federation (MMF) notifies that pursuant to FIA 2014 Sporting Regulations, clause 2.3.8 “Competitors and Drivers who wish to take part in a National Competition organised abroad can only do so with the prior approval of their own ASN” and clause 2.6.1.c “No one may take part in a Competition if he/she does not possess a licence issued by their parent ASN, or a licence issued by an ASN other than his Parent ASN with the consent of...