The Malta Motorsport Federation (MMF) notifies that pursuant to FIA 2014 Sporting Regulations, clause 2.3.8 “Competitors and Drivers who wish to take part in a National Competition organised abroad can only do so with the prior approval of their own ASN” and clause 2.6.1.c “No one may take part in a Competition if he/she does not possess a licence issued by their parent ASN, or a licence issued by an ASN other than his Parent ASN with the consent of his Parent ASN”, all competitors and drivers must abide by these regulations when participating in a competition race abroad and any infringements to these regulations will be reported to the Executive Council so that action will be taken against those not complying.

These regulations also apply for any motor racing competition held in Sicily and in particular at Autodromo “Valle dei Templi” at Racalmuto. The Federation hereby notifies that in this regards, we shall hold responsible the organiser/s of any motor racing competition in accordance to clause 2.3.10 “Should an Organiser accept the Entry of a foreign Competitor and/or Driver who has no prior authorisation from the ASN which issued them with their Licence or Licences, that Organiser would be committing an infringement which, when brought to the attention of the ASN authorising the National Competition concerned, shall be punished by a fine, the amount of which shall be left to the discretion of the ASN that authorises the National Competition concerned”.

With respect to the MMF ACI CSAI agreement of 2011, the above was officially notified to ACI CSAI. Dr. Marco Ferrari, the ACI CSAI General Director of Sport Activates, recapped in an email dated 14th March 2014 the following: “Ti confermo che per correre in gare automobilistiche in Italia, anche a Racalmuto, e obbligatoria la licenza e non la patente di guida. Se avviene un incidente l’assicurazione non paga I Danni e dopo sono costretto io a denunciare le persone che hanno causato queste condizioni” translated as follows “I confirm that to compete in a motor racing competition in Italy, even in Racalmuto, it is compulsory to have a racing license and not a normal driving license. If an accident occurs the insurance will not pay for the damage and after I am forced to denounce the people who caused this accident”.

In conclusion, MMF will be accepting Racing Licence Applications for those who will be competing in Racalmuto next weekend, by not later than noon of Wednesday 19th March 2014. No applications will be accepted after this deadline for those competing in Racalmuto next weekend. For this time only, to support all drivers who wish to race at Racalmuto, late application fees will not be charged for those submitting the full applications in time. To apply for a racing licence, kindly visit and download the application from the appropriate links including the Race True eLearning anti-doping course. MMF would like to take this occasion to wish any success to all racing drivers who compete abroad.