International success for All Wheel Drive Club Malta members

Huge success for a Maltese team that competed in an international off road event in Italy between Friday 19th and Sunday 21st known as King Of Italy. Nusu Offroad Racing Team of Neville Ciantar with Neville Ciantar driving his rover powered Goat off roader, Thomas Tanti as navigator and their back up team ended their adventure in the third position over all when competing with, teams from the United Kingdom, Portugal, America, Belgium, France, Italy and Holland. The Maltese team followed Off-Road Armoury of Rob Butler of the United Kingdom that came first overall and Big Rock F-Racing of Filipe Guimaraes of Portugal that came Second.

Following this round the competition will continue the King of Wales between the 6th and the 9th of August and the King of Portugal between the 9th and the 12th of September.

Three other Maltese teams, Kurun Offroad of Kenneth Borg, Kamoy Offroad of Josmar Camilleri and Bibinu Racing of Garry Bibinu ended their adventure in the twelfth, fifteenth and eighteenth place respectively.

Neville Ciantar, Thomas Tanti and their back up team shall be returning to Malta on a flight from Italy on Monday 22nd at 13:30hrs.