While the MMF takes up the FIA Sporting Code Appendix H as of 1st January 2018 the requirements for local hillclimb events shall be;

Core elements to be followed

1. Safety plan and relative ASR to the event.
2. No vehicles that are not racing should be ahead of start or in race line and / or its immediate run off
3. Chain of command as outlined in FIA Appendix V to be followed.
4. Drivers briefing to be given and signed by all present. Stewards have the right to deny participation to drivers missing the briefing
5. Marshals briefing to be given by Chief Marshal and signed by all present, and eventual late arrivals after briefing.
6. All participants and Marshals to be at venue 1 hours before scheduled start time.


1. Paddock Control and Driver / Competitor liason
2. Start control for driver clothing / helmet / window check etc.
3. Line up control (wheel chock)
4. Safety Officer
5. Clerk of the course
6. Timekeepers (ideally 2)
7. Marshals as per plan
8. Finish / Paddock
9. Refueling
10. Secretary of the event.
11. Event starter vehicle and driver


1. As per safety plan
2. Safety vehicle as start
3. Race Starter (apripista) – equipped with green and red flag.

Race Starter vehicle

1. The race starter vehicle shall be the first vehicle off the start once an all clear situation has been receive by the CM (and communicated to the CoC)
2. The CoC shall give the go ahead to the race starter to leave the start.
3. The race starter vehicle shall leave the start displaying the red flag. During its pass up the course the CoC shall advise all posts to wave the Yellow flag.
4. The race starter vehicle shall remain at the end of the track in safe/ designated location till the end of the round.
5. At the end of the round the race starter vehicle shall lead the vehicles down from Parc Ferme to the Paddock, waving the Green Flag.
6. No movement of public / non-race personnel on the track (while live) is allowed without the explicit consent of the CoC.


1. Instead of 3 extinguishers are each Marshall points – 1 fire extinguisher at Marshall point 1 (start) , 2 fire extinguishers at point 2 and alternating with 1 /2 extinguishers at each subsequent point
2. Marshals at each point – One shall be the Flag Marshall for the point and the other shall be the Radio Marshal
3. Each Marshall shall wear an Orange Hivis top. It is recommended that the hivis top contains a slot for license to be placed. License to contain blood group as of 2018.
4. Each Marshall to have a minimum of a Trainee license
5. Gloves per marshal
6. Whistle per Marshal