FIA Institute Officials Programme

The Officials Safety Training Programme aims to facilitate increases in competency levels of officials from around the world. To achieve this goal the FIA Institute has developed a best practice framework, is accrediting ASNs who adopt the framework, will develop and rollout training infrastructure, and will conduct a number of knowledge sharing activities.

The framework is to be used as a template by ASNs around the world to create or improve their own programmes, and it focuses on two key areas; competency development and programme structure.

Through an accreditation scheme the FIA Institute is accrediting those ASNs who adopt the framework. For those ASNs who most closely align to the framework, their level of accreditation will enable them to act as a regional training provider in the international market, and assist other ASNs.

The development and rollout of training infrastructure will be largely focussed on ‘train the trainer’ programmes, which will be conducted in developing motor sport regions. These activities will complement the work undertaken by the regional training providers.

The FIA Institute will also develop a central electronic repository to help foster the sharing of knowledge between ASNs and other relevant stakeholders. It will include a suite of education tools and infrastructure to promote interaction and collaboration.