Social Media Speculation on Motorsport Track Design

The Malta Motorsport Federation would like to comment on a recent race track design published on social media and news rooms. While we acknowledge Periti Studio efforts on the initiative, the Federation must stress that such facilities must adhere to strict international regulations with regards to design, specifications and safety features. One must remember that this race track must accommodate the highest number of disciplines possible and must also accommodate motorcycle racing. The race track must also include basic racing facilities such as a pitlane, paddock and race control building. This design as presented by Periti Studio, completely ignored most of the above and also the Road safety facility which is a crucial part of the whole project for both the Government and the Federation. One of the road safety facilities main objectives is to help reduce road fatalities.

Finally, one must also take into consideration that parts of the land in the design are leased to other entities, in particular to drag racing, which the Federation will not accept tearing down the only site in Malta for this discipline, which is already a functioning facility, whose club in question is one of the most active in Malta, is totally not compatible with circuit racing to operate together, and has in recent months invested heavily to upgrade the facility. 

We are at a very crucial stage of the project; contact between the Government and the Federation is incessant. We therefore ask all motorsport enthusiasts to stop fuelling speculation at this vital time as this might be more damaging than one imagines. We have waited for over 50 years for our dream to come true, therefore we appeal to all enthusiasts to let the Government on its pledge. We are sure that when the time is appropriate, the Government will take the appropriate decisions in accordance with its’ electoral manifesto.