MMF presents proposals to Dr. Joseph Muscat


During a cordial meeting between the Malta Motorsport Federation and the leader of the Labour Party, Dr. Joseph Muscat, and Hon. Chris Aguis, LP Spokesman for Sports, the Federation discussed the importance of investing in a Multi-Purpose Motor Racing facility in Malta.

The MMF, represented by Mr. Tonio Cini President, Mr. Pierre Sammut Treasurer, and newly elected Secretary Mr. Oliver Attard explained that they have managed to engaged the international consultants, Tilke GmbH & Co KG, a world renowned international company in Circuit constructions and International Motorsports Management (IMM) Ltd to undertake the Project Master Plan, Commercial Feasibility Study and Business Plan for the development of a race track in Malta as soon as the government allocates the land for the Motor Racing Circuit. Tonio Cini also explained that given the experience and successes in the field of these two International Consultants, we are sure that once these studies are finalized, and the necessary land having been previously allocated for a Motor Racing Circuit, the MMF will be able to find the required investors to build the multidisciplinary facility. The MMF has reiterated that Mr. Peter Hansen, Director of International Motorsport Management Ltd, has already carried out preliminary studies on the building of a motorsport circuit in Malta which shows that there is the need and space for such facilities to be built in Malta.

Tonio Cini also stressed on the fact that a project of the sort will also be beneficial for other disciplines of sport, and that it may serve to provide further educational facilities for engineering students to enhance their studies at MCAST and the University of Malta.

Dr. Joseph Muscat said that the Labour Party looks at such a project from a very positive perspective and that he was intrigued that the MMF were able to get the backing of highly respected experts in the field. Having said so, the LP is convinced that with the right creation of business environment, foreign investors can be attracted and one can reach a win-win situation where there will be only winners. From the proposal presented it clearly shows that the Federation has already covered a lot of groundwork and that MMF has a very clear idea of how a project of this size can develop, we just look forward to be given the right opportunity where together we can work to make it happen. Whilst acknowledging that the main problem is the allocation of land he was pleased that the project involved various sport disciplines and was not merely focused on a motor racing events only. He continued to express the Party support to this project as after the results that our Maltese drivers are obtaining overseas, it is high time that this matter will be addressed by a political party in power in a more assertive manner.

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