Monthly Archives: August 2020

MMF reiterates its call to all stakeholders to deliver motorsport facilities.

The Malta Motorsport Federation (the “Federation” or “MMF”) has submitted its feedback to the consultation process run by the Planning Authority on the Review of the Rural Policy Design Guidance (Phase 2) calling on the competent bodies to provide for special public interest projects within the said policy guidance.

The MMF has been calling for a dedicated multipurpose facility capable of hosting international events and accommodate the needs of the local sporting community, giving...

Ruben Galea and Dr. Wayne Pisani were elected as Treasurer and Vice Secretary during an Extraordinary General Meeting.

The Malta Motorsport Federation (MMF) held an Extraordinary General Meeting during the last week of July to fill the vacant posts of Treasurer and Vice-Secretary. During the EGM, a number of amendments to the MMF’s statute were presented amongst other agenda matters.

Tonio Cini, president of the Federation, updated members with the work and incentives taken up by the Federation as part of the contingencies put in place as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic...