Transport Malta – Schemes Info

The Malta Motorsport Federation, has welcomed the various measures which were announced in the Government Budget 2011 as Schemes falling under the Transport Malta (TM) authority, to assist the sport of motoring after successful discussions with the support of the office of the Parliamentary Secretary for Youth and Sport, and these were as follows:

  1. Re-Registration of undocumented vehicles;
  2. Introduction of a Single licence permit and;
  3. Exempt vehicles used in races from the payment of registration tax.

Please find below a brief update of all three schemes.

a) Re-Registration of undocumented vehicles

Transport Malta will be compiling an up to-date list between the 1st August 2011 and 31st January 2012 of all undocumented motor vehicles manufactured in or before 1976, with all their relative identification characteristics as well as that of their owners. Eventually these vehicles will be then registered and licensed accordingly.

b) Single Permit Multi Vehicle Scheme for Classic, Vintage or Veteran Vehicles.

The Single Permit Multi Vehicle Scheme is designed to enable owners of classic, vintage or veteran vehicles, to pay only one single road licence for their vehicles as long as only one vehicle is used at any one time. This scheme applies to vehicles that have been certified as classic, vintage or veteran by the Vintage Vehicle Verification Board, and which are registered and licensed as such with Transport Malta. Applicants may, however, opt to purchase more than one single permit per group of vehicles.

Conditions of applicability:

The fee for the first permit of a group shall be equivalent for the Highest Annual Circulation Licence Fee payable on the vehicles which are covered by this permit. The fee for the subsequent permit(s) shall be equivalent to the next Highest Annual Circulation Licence Fee. (There is no limit to the number of vehicles that may be included in a group).

An annual administrative fee of €8.00 per vehicle shall be paid to Transport Malta for every other vehicle covered by the permit(s).

Vehicles in the scheme will be issued with ONE Red Licence Disc – Circulation Permit, to be affixed to the vehicle windscreen or licence holder (motorcycles). Transport Malta will also issue ONE Special Badge which must be affixed on or near the front number plate (rear in the case of motorcycles). Both the Licence Disc and Special Badge must be clearly displayed when vehicle is driven on the road.

Only those vehicles which are covered with this Circulation Permit and Special Badge may be driven on the road. If a vehicle is not covered by such permit, it shall be covered by a valid annual circulation licence in order to be used on the road.

In order to apply for this scheme, owners of such vehicles may download application form VEH 19 (Application form for the Single permit multi vehicle scheme for certified classic, vintage or veteran vehicles). This application form has to be submitted at the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Unit, Hornworks Ditch, Floriana from Monday to Friday between 7.30am and noon for processing.

For more information please refer to POL 40 (Policy and Procedure: Single Permit Multi Vehicle Scheme for Classic, Vintage or Veteran Vehicles).

c) Exempt vehicles used in races from the payment of registration tax.

This scheme is available for those persons wishing to register a racing vehicle. They may call at Transport Malta offices in Floriana and register such vehicles accordingly.

One needs to use the following application forms to register such vehicles, downloadable from here:

For further information on the above schemes, kindly visit