FIA Institute

The FIA Institute’s Educational Programme forms part of its responsibility to enhance the work of the FIA Motor Sport Safety Development Fund (the Fund).

The Fund was created to manage the distribution of motor sport safety-related grants worldwide. The Fund’s resources were donated by the FIA as a result of the fine arising from the dispute between McLaren and Ferrari in the 2007 Formula One World Championship, it is part of the FIA Foundation.

The Fund’s programmes are managed by the FIA Institute, which has full responsibility for enhancing the programmes relating to young driver safety, facilities improvement, and safety training for officials. The FIA Institute, using the resources from the Fund, is aiming to facilitate significant and sustainable development across these three key areas.

The FIA Institute has developed a guide to help National Sporting Associations (ASNs) to prepare funding applications – click here to access the page where the guide can be downloaded in English, French and Spanish (pdf format).

For further details on the FIA Institute’s enhanced programmes, please go to: